Best Way to See Melbourne: Escorts From a Tour Company

Melbourne is home to many of Australia’s best attractions such as the Eureka Tower, the National Gallery of Victoria, and the Royal Botanical Gardens. Tourism is a significant industry in Victoria and Melbourne is the country’s second most populous city. If you are interested in visiting this friendly location down under that is filled with art and natural beauty, then you will want to consider hiring an escort from a tour company. Melbourne escorts and tour guides are available to take you and your guests on a tour of the very best sites in the city. They can help tourists find the popular attractions and events, top restaurants, cafes and nightlife activities. When you schedule a tour with an escort company, you will have the chance to make the most of your travel plans.

Why Hiring an Escort is Your Best Option While Visiting Melbourne


Visiting another country can be exciting, yet it can also be intimidating, especially for those new to traveling abroad. When you hire an escort, you are able to experience everything that Melbourne has to offer without missing out on the best events, attractions, or fine dining establishments. Melbourne escorts are experts when it comes to recommending the best places to go in the city for fun times and everlasting memories. They will let you know about current events and shows in the area as well as the best places to surf along the coast. They can also suggest places to take your family so that every member will be able to enjoy themselves with age-appropriate activities while staying in Australia.

See the Most Popular Sites and Attractions with a Guided Tour of Melbourne

Even if you do plenty of research before your trip, it is impossible for anyone to visit Melbourne for the first time and view all the sights they need to make their trip complete. That is why it is always a good idea to go with an escort or travel guide in order to make your trip as amazing as possible. Your guide can take you along to popular sites and events such as Federation Square, the National Gallery of Victoria, or to the peaceful Birrarung Marr.

Hiring a travel guide will ensure that you get the full Melbourne experience on your trip to Australia. The city has so much to offer that it is always wise to get recommendations from those who know the area best.

Top Five Melbourne Sights You Shouldn’t Miss

Having been voted “The Most Livable City in the World” for three years by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Melbourne is a place of amazing sights and phenomenal things to do both on your own and with friends or family. Check out five of the top sights only found in Melbourne that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Visit Animals on an Open Range

The Melbourne Zoo is the perfect destination for every member of the family. It is home to over 350 different species of animals including gorillas, koalas, kangaroos and more with each being housed in their own habitat where they are free to roam as they please. One of the main features of the Melbourne Zoo is that it is an open range zoo with lots of opportunities for kids and adults to interact with the animals like The Butterfly House.

Get All Your Shopping Done at the Queen Victoria Market


More than another shopping market, the Queen Victoria Market is both a tourist attraction and an historic landmark. Officially opening in 1978 it is a great place to see all the diverse cultures Melbourne houses with vendors offering things from exotic fruits and vegetables to authentic Australian artifacts and souvenirs.

Lose Yourself in Sea Life at the Melbourne Aquarium

At the Melbourne Aquarium you can discover a world of amazing underwater organisms. With interactive animal displays and encounters it is both an entertaining and educational experience that opens your eyes to a huge array of creatures you wouldn’t normally see like seahorses and penguins.

Tower Over the City on the Eureka Skydeck 88

Out of all the Melbourne sights to take in, one of the most breathtaking views you will ever get to witness is the view from the Eureka Skydeck 88. It is the only deck in the world that projects almost ten feet out from the building with a room made of glass referred to as ‘The Edge’ almost 1000 feet above the ground on the 88th floor.

Enjoy the Sunset While Travelling on The Great Ocean Road

No trip to Melbourne would be complete without a trip to The Great Ocean Road. Stretching along the Victorian Coast the view is staggering and has earned a place as one of the most beautiful places in Australia. You can follow the road and explore the area or find a spot and travel by foot. Whichever you choose just don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the remarkable view.

So the next time you are planning a trip to Australia and deciding which Melbourne sights to take in make sure you take a moment to pencil in these top five places you should see and they’ll be guaranteed to make your trip worthwhile.

Your Quick Guide to Melbourne on a Budget

Melbourne is one of the most popular tourist cities in the world, that being said, it is easy to spend a large amount of money in a few days’ time. However, like most cities, there are bargains and things you can do if you’re traveling on a budget.

Free Transportation

What better way to travel than for free? The shuttle bus is a hop-on/hop-off type of bus where tourists can travel for free. The shuttle visits all of the cities attractions as well as many of the inner suburbs. Another free mode of transportation is the City Circle Tram, it runs every 12 minutes does a loop past several of the most-popular attractions in the city.

Art and Culture
Dotting the city are several galleries, museums, and other similar attractions, many of which are free. The National Gallery of Victoria is one such placeand boasts works of art from all over the world. If museums and galleries aren’t your style, you could opt to visit the laneways throughout the city that feature a plethora of street art by local artists. One of the most popular laneways is Hosier lane, which is located between Flinders Street and Flinders Lane.

Food for Cheap

One thing that tourists often have complaints about is the price of food when they go on vacation. Luckily, Melbourne has several different eateries and restaurants that boast great food and prices. Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar has home-style Italian food and drinks. Piadina Slow Food has some of the best slow-food in the country and features filled flatbreads and other simple, yet hearty meals. Don Don has the best Bento Boxes in the city, is fast, cheap and delicious.

Visit the Suburbs

While you may not think of the suburbs as a place bursting with tourist attractions, Australia’s suburbs have quite a bit to offer. One such place is Mountain Goat Brewery, where you can get authentic espresso for less than $2 per cup. The isles are filled with different imported foods and bag bargains.

Another great suburban haunt is The Astor Theater, which often has double features. There aren’t many movie theaters where you can see two movies for just $15. The theater is located in St. Kilda.


There are markets all over Melbourne where you can find bargains on trinkets, clothing, and other items. Mag Nation has more than 4,000 magazine titles for your browse at your leisure. They also have free wi-fi, and you don’t have to buy anything. The Junk Company has a unique mix of second-hand items. Some of the items have a little wear and tear, but nothing too major. The deals you’ll find there are second to none.

Where to Stay In Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia is home to a wealth of attractions, whether it’s the multitude of street artists ready to paint your portrait, the amazing laneways that small eateries and shops have sprung upon, or the Queen Victoria Market which is a huge fresh food market. When visiting Melbourne, you must determine how you long you think you’ll be in town in order to figure out what type of accommodation is best for you. If you’ll only be able to stay a weekend, then a hotel is likely the best option. If you’re able to stay a month, then a short stay apartment would be better. Whichever you choose, they both have incredible reasons to choose them.

The Best Hotels in Melbourne


When wondering where to stay in Melbourne, most people would automatically think of a hotel. One hotel in Melbourne is called The Blackman Hotel, named after the Australian artist Charles Blackman whose work is featured throughout the hotel. With amenities such as an art library, complimentary newspaper, and the ability to hire a smart care, bicycle, or scooter, who wouldn’t love the hotel that has everything? The Hotel Windsor in Melbourne is likely the most famous of all Australian hotels. It has had famous guests such as Edward, Prince of Wales, many former Australian Prime Ministers, and movie stars like Gregory Peck. The Windsor boasts amenities like 24 hour reception and room service, a pillow menu, and bathrobe and slippers.

The Best Apartments in Melbourne

If you’re going to be staying in Melbourne for more than a few days, an apartment may be a better choice than a hotel. With high chairs, kettles, and breakfast packs available, the City Tempo Apartments are a great choice for an extended visit in Melbourne. All apartments either have a washer and dryer already in them, or are available upon request which will save you a bundle on washing laundry as you won’t have to use coin laundry machines. Somerset on Elizabeth apartments in Melbourne are also a wonderful option for short stay apartments. They have grocery shopping and meal delivery service which will free up your time for sightseeing. Daily housekeeping, breakfast, and newspapers help give these apartments a hotel vibe while still being more affordable than an actual hotel.

Whatever option you use when choosing where to stay in Melbourne, the selection is large and varied, ensuring that you will find just the right spot for you, whether it’s a hotel or an apartment. Either way, you will be in a vibrant city so full of life, you can’t help but smile.

How Long Does It Take To Travel To Melbourne From Other Australian Cities?

Traveling while you’re on vacation is something you need to figure into your budget. You also need to figure it into your itinerary. You don’t want to plan a lot of events and find out you don’t have time. Remember traveling from one city to the next is going to cut into that itinerary. Remember that you need to account for different traffic laws and limits. If you want to travel to Melbourne for example it will depend on where you’re coming from. That way you can decide if the travel is going to be worth it.

Adelaide to Melbourne

Located approximately 8 hours apart, these cities are within driving distance. You will find that there is plenty to do in both and you have time to travel between them. You may want to spend a couple days in Adelaide before moving on for a couple days in Melbourne. Remember if you are driving you are not having fun with your family. Try to get it all done at once and then stay in the other city rather than driving back again.

Sydney to Melbourne


Two very popular cities located in Australia Sydney and Melbourne are actually quite far apart. They are located approximately 9 ½ hours away from each other by car. If you’re planning to travel to both you may want to take a bus, a train or get a hotel closer to one or the other. This way you will be able to fully experience everything they both have to offer. You will also not get too tired from all the driving to enjoy yourself.

Perth to Melbourne

Traveling from Perth is going to take you a long time. The two cities are located approximately 37 hours away from each other which means your best option is to take a plane. You may even want to plan two different trips to visit both. They each have much to offer but going from one to another is going to take a lot of your vacation time.

In all you will want to consider how long you have to be on vacation. You will want to think about which cities have the most important things for you. You will also want to remember that drive time means less time having fun. Try to plan more activities in one city so you don’t have to spend so much time driving.